Rather than summarizing the whole article in this introduction, we prefer to let you discover us for yourself!

Our Music Global team
Doubtful musical tastes, dangerously high dose of caffeine and fans of the” too much “joke, here is the MUSIC GLOBAL team!

A passionate team

At Music Global, we are united around a single passion: music!
Enthusiastic, creative and efficient, our team is, without a doubt, one of our greatest strengths.

So, if in our premises the oxen are linked, so are our ideas to always facilitate access to music!

Multiple know-how for a complete service

Supplier, customer service manager, graphic designer, communications manager, accountant, process manager, community manager, sales representatives, these are the roles that make up the Music Global team. This beautiful alchemy allows us to offer you an ultra-comprehensive and efficient service.

In music stores, supermarkets and on the internet, this great team works to provide you with the biggest brands of instruments. The success that we are experiencing is above all the fruit of a very beautiful (and a little crazy) human adventure.

Discover each of the members of this team in the “about” section of this site! Also follow us on our LinkedIn page!

The Music Global Team!