Independent music stores

Which stores do we distribute to?

Music Global offers its various brands to over 150 partner stores. As a specialist in music instrument distribution, Music Global takes pride in providing high-quality instruments with attractive resale margins.

Which catalog?

Today, we provide access to brands that are well known to the general public:

The perfect ethical brand. Veelah guitars are all massive and great qualities. They are guitars that do not leave you indifferent.

In recent years, Naderman has taken a real market place in entry-to-mid-range guitars. In fact, more and more music schools and stores are recommending them!

It’s the right brand of musical instrument accessories at the right price! With Arrow, from tuner to microphone stand, you can find everything an instrumentalist needs! Fun and quirky!

Hercules is the brand of the DJ in the making! The decks, speakers and headphones offered are all designed for learning and mastering DJing!

Sela cajons are known over the world for their quality and excellent sound. In addition, the Sela brand offers self-assembly kits. A wide choice in the field of cajón!

Cascha offers musical awakening, cabling and other instruments at very affordable prices, to start and practice music!

Specialists music stores


In the next 5 years, Music Global will expand its catalog to provide stores with access to even more interesting brands, always at the right price. We are committed to offering stores a fair resale margin.

We aim to boost sales of musical instruments in independent music stores, which is why we also organize in-store events with partnering artists.

Many believe that the independent store sector is in decline due to the closure of certain stores. We completely disagree. Music has never been more successful, and as a distributor, we are here to ensure the best prices and the smooth functioning of the market !

Testimonials from our specialist clients

“We are completely satisfied with our 3 years of collaboration with Music Global. Their professionalism and the quality of their products have met our expectations.

The Troc’n’roll team”

The Troc’n’roll team

I created the Rock Shop to meet the demand of all types of musician, both seasoned and beginners. I have always tried to offer the best quality / price ratio. At Music Global, I was able to find different instruments that totally correspond to this philosophy. My customers are delighted so me too! “

Jim from Rock Shop


We are very happy with our collaboration with Music Global, Quentin was able to answer professionally to our expectations. We specialize in guitar straps which at Music Global are of the highest quality. “

Carlos & Corinne de My Guitar Straps & Strings


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