Music Global is also on…

What marketplaces do we sell on?

Let’s start with Amazon, where we are present in several countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. We are also present on Cdiscount, FNAC Marketplace, Darty Marketplace and now Rakuten.

Currently, we offer more than 5,000 references across all marketplaces, which allows us to maximize article page views and therefore increase revenue. In addition to the quantity of articles posted, there is the diversity of the offer; we offer a very varied catalog ranging from musical instruments to stage equipment.

Our marketplace partners

How do we sell and ship?

We take care of order processing, shipping, package tracking and after-sales service without subcontracting. This allows us to guarantee quality service to our customers.

Regarding preparation before shipment, we operate in two ways:

• Preparation in our own warehouse in partnership with Ziegler Group,

• Supplier Drop Shipping.

Key data

european countries
growth in 2020


From physical to digital!

With the aim of always facilitating access to music, we are also adapting our physical concept of selling musical material to an e-commerce site, where more than 4,000 products are listed there. From instruments to accessories and stage equipment, we offer a complete catalog, with the aim of allowing everyone to get their hands on the perfect piece, adapted to their musical needs!

What perspectives?

We are working hard to bring even more offers to marketplaces. In addition, thanks to common work, we are working on projects that will allow us to improve the quality of service to our customers. Marketplaces therefore represent a high turnover potential, and it is for this reason that we aim to recruit in this segment.