After having spent countless hours of Research and Development, it is now time to present to you the latest version of our sales furniture intended for Supermarkets: the Rockstation V4. Between technical innovations and designs, find out in this article what this great novelty has in store for you!

Totally made in France design and manufacture

Imagined and designed in our premises near Nantes, and manufactured by our friends from Arlitec in Touraine, this new sales furniture is a pure product of French know-how! Indeed, this geographical proximity has enabled us to work efficiently to offer a unique and innovative solution.

The “Rockstation V4” located in the heart of the Espace Culturel E.Leclerc in Saint-Nazaire.

Furniture in line with our values

Because accessibility of instruments is our priority, this new furniture has been designed with this in mind. Lighter and more refined, its objective is to highlight the instruments, to encourage customers to discover a new passion: musical practice! Finally, all in a modern design that brings unquestionable added value to your sales area.

Choose the instrument that suits us and have it at hand, without the help of anyone, thanks to a free-access picking area: here is the future of the sale of instruments in Major Retailers!

Interactivity at the heart of the concept

How do you ensure that future musicians find the perfect instruments? It is around this question that our reflection turned and we came to the following conclusion: the choice of an instrument is personal. In this sense, further improvements are being developed. There is no shortage of ideas around this new concept, we still have many surprises in store for you.

We are proud to be able to make musical practice ever more accessible. For that, nothing better than breaking the codes by reinventing the way to take your first steps in the musical universe, and this, at the heart of your sales area. Music Global, with the Rockstation concept, has as one goal to make music accessible everywhere, for all. For that, we need you and together we will achieve this goal.

The Music Global team